2016 Trends & Inspiration: Caliente

By jill January 7, 2016.

Is it getting HOT in here??

When designing for our 2016 Everyday Collection, we were inspired by the intricate patterns of Mexican textiles and pottery along with the explosive colors used by artists like Frida Kahlo. We incorporated over-saturated hues in spicy oranges and pinks with touches of vibrant marine blues to convey a sense of tropical energy and effervescence. Caliente means "hot" in Spanish and true to its name, this trend warms...and wows! Our wrap and bags from this collection are perfect for any festive fiesta, especially when paired with bright gift tissue and lots of layered ribbon. Crafted tissue poms and bright banners can be welcome accents to this party, along with florals and glitter galore.

If you'd like to spice things up, check out some of our favorite features from the CALIENTE collection below:

Caliente Caliente Trend Board

We interpreted these elements into our Fashion Collection to mix up an eclectic dish that will have your customers ordering up extra!

Also NEW for 2016: our Poly Glitter Star Bows because glitter always gets it done!

Looking for the perfect product to brighten up your gift store? Look no more! The Gift Wrap Company Fashion Collection has just that!

9758-41_W Like Orchid Artistry? Click here to shop!

9757-02_W Caliente spicy enough for you? Click here to shop!

Stay tuned for more fabulous trend insights still to come on our 2016 Trends & Inspiration: next Thursday we will feature GARDEN GAGA, another favorite for Everyday 2016. Come back to see how our garden grows...

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