2016 Trends & Inspiration: Conversational

By aimee February 4, 2016.

Let's Converse:

These trends are an eclectic smorgasbord that must be sampled!

A conversational trend is something that speaks to you! There were so many fun and quirky conversational trends for Everyday 2016 that we couldn't help but incorporate several into our new line, blending them into the mix of birthday, masculine, baby and juvenile collections.

lets converse

rainbow conversation

If you choose one quintessential birthday design this year, let it be Watercolor Wishes, a foil stamped masterpiece that speaks for itself. We have also had great success with our glittered wraps and the new Glitter Balloons wrap & gift bag are poised to be a huge hit this year! Be PROUD of your birthday selections and be sure to check out our RAINBOW DRIP gift bag and trinket tote, all of which can be paired with the rainbow assortment tissue melange.
birthday bubbles catalog"Say it's Your Birthday" to anyone and everyone with our whimsical speech bubble design that fits well with many other collections. The quality of our recycled paper wraps is second to none, and a must-have for anyone in the eco conscious environment!

nautical conversationCute and quirky of classical and clean, this is a trend that will stand the test of time. Under the Sea for baby, Ahoy Mates for juvenile and Nautical Adventure for anyone at all, we've got your nautical needs covered!

Does this trend make you want to converse? Customers will spread the word when you bring these designs onto your shelves!

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