2016 Trends & Inspiration: Cosmic

By aimee January 21, 2016.

Stars in our eyes for...cosmic trends!

The popularity of space movies and science fiction fantasy isn't just for the ultra nerdy anymore! People everywhere are adorning themselves (and their spaces) with space themed art and objects. Both kids and adults can get on board with fresh futuristic themes of time and space travel. Colors are moody and metallic, with all the shades of the spectrum. Holograms and foils are everywhere, and planetary icons abound. It's a whole new world, and the truth is out there...We couldn't be happier to introduce our Galaxy wrap & bags, and emphasize the need for glitter toppers & tissue more than ever!

TGWC_ED16_COSMIC The force is strong in this trend!


We went Jurassic with a rainbow metallic fossil print gift wrap and got mythical with a Unicorn bag in a retro color pallette. Bright glitter bows and tissue mixes complete this out of this world look.

cosmic trends Other faves in the cosmic ball park? Ombré, and Marble of course!

ombre catalog What do you think of this fantastical trend? Is it out there or right on target?

Stay tuned for our next installment in the series, next Thursday when we take a look at Sweet Petites!

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