2016 Trends & Inspiration: Garden Gaga

By jill January 14, 2016.

How does your garden grow??

Florals of ALL kinds played a big role in our 2016 Everyday Collection. From soft, pretty, delicate hand painted buds to bold, graphic tropicals with pops of color, we really went GAGA over the GARDEN this year! Using florals to create gift wrap was an easy decision, the hard part was deciding which flower was our favorite! What makes this trend really spectacular is how it can reach so many moods and encompass so many events. From Garden Blush, with it's classical, yet modern take on traditional florals to Garden Party, an eclectic celebration of color and life, we have every occasion and every age group covered. With a wide variety of beautiful options that makes Garden Gaga translatable to many categories, we DARE you to try and pick a favorite!

We love the way the florals mix with the patterns like our Smith and Salsa Stripe!

Also NEW for 2016: Twill Ribbon because texture is everything!

These feminine floral collections can be used for young and old! Sure to be a best seller and a crowd pleaser for Mother's Day, Bridal Season and much, much more.

Summer Colony Blooms can be for a wide variety of occasions - truly a must have! Click to shop!

Calypso touches on the floral, hand done and graphic trends! An all-in-one. Click to shop!

Have we planted the seed of inspiration in your mind? How will you use these florals this year? Stay tuned for our next edition of 2016 Trends & Inspiration next Thursday when we feature COSMIC, another favorite for Everyday 2016.

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