Luxe Lampshades

By aimee June 13, 2012.

Did you LOVE the hanging lampshades in our Moroccan Window? Here's how to light up your life with this fun and easy craft project



plain lampshade

Gift Wrap


Hot glue & glue gun

embellishments-ribbon, beads, sequins, etc


To cut out the right shape of wrap to fit your lampshade, Place gift wrap face down & lay lampshade on its side. Mark your starting point with a pencil (Or use the shade's seam as a guide) Trace the outline of the lampshade as you roll it around  until you reach your starting point.


Cut out the shape you've traced, but leave little tab on the right side (for overlapping)

BEFORE gluing down, wrap the paper around the lampshade to make sure you have the right fit, (if not, trim to size)  then spraymount the wrap and adhere to the lampshade-start with the tab side.

Using hot glue, embellish with your choice of snazzy specials.

They look great hanging clustered together as shown in our window, but you can use them for their intended purpose ;as well. But SAFETY FIRST, Crafters: be sure that you do not use any flammable materials and that your embellishments will NOT come in contact with the lightbulb.

ALSO: Since I knew that we would not be using these at the show with "real" lightbulbs, I spray painted the insides of each shade. I'm not sure how the spray paint would react to a hot bulb in there, so if you choose to do that, beware.  If anyone knows the answer to that question, please enlighten me. I'm just not ready to find out for myself and risk burning down the studio!*

Happy Crafting!



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