A (Bird's) Home for the Holidays

By aimee June 11, 2012.

Did you LOVE the Decoupage Birdhouse featured in our New England Window? Read on to see how we did it!


You Will Need:

ModPodge & Brush

Gift Wrap -I suggest 2-3 different prints that coordinate nicely.

Wood birdhouse from Michaels ($4.99)

Our Christmas Birhouse is made with Nostalgia and Vintage Sentiments,  but for the tutorial, I wanted to use Everyday Wraps (it is June, after all)- Strawberry Patch, Red Polka Dots and Grassy Field Gingham. Now our Bird can have a home for the Holidays and one for Summer getaway!

Pre-measure & cut pieces for each large plane of the house. To get to the tiny nooks & crannies, cut strips so that you can fold around the corners, while leaving some extra to be covered over.


Start with the small pieces: Apply a coat of Mod Podge directly to the wood, then place the wrap on top, folding along any angles and smoothing out bumps & bubbles. Apply another coat of Mod Podge on top. Be sure that all edges are secured down and have a smooth finish, you will be placing another layer over that.



Apply wrap to each section using the pieces you previously cut. Allow each section to dry a little before working on adjacent areas.


Now here's the tricky part. For the "front door", cut a cross with scissors or an Xacto knife over the hole, then bend each corner in. For the perch, do the same thing but push the perch through the cross.


When all surfaces are covered, apply one final coat of Mod Podge throughout, allow to dry completely before apply a coat of sealant.







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