A Matter of 'Maters

By nancy August 20, 2012.

As summer draws to a close my just heart breaks and I am just down right angry about the fact that it went so fast and was too short... however...

I have found the silver lining. It is TOMATO SEASON!

I grow my own mini supply of container tomatoes each summer which I delightfully eat as soon as they are ripe, but this year I have signed up for a "tomato lovers" crop share at a local farm, Sienna Farms in Sudbury MA. I stumbled upon this wonder via daily candy and was shocked when one of the farms they were talking about was right  in my home town. I never knew! So I signed myself up and yesterday I picked up my first of a 6 week installment of tomates. OMG! I am so excited.

I have never been a part of a crop share before. I don't know why because it is such a fantastic thing. Not only do you get to gorge on Nature's best at it's best, but you also help support local farms. People we need local farms. Big industries should not be making our food... that's all I am gonna say about that, you think about it!

It's all on an honor system- no check out, no receipts, no weighing, just SHARING. I love that! These people are so nice and everyone I met picking up their share was super kind too- can't always say that about my trips to other big name food outlets.

I also did a little peeking around during my pick up, came across these characters who had a whole lot to say ... them, not so super nice...

and these beautiful fields about to take a well deserved winter nap.

Now I just need to get creative with all these 'maters. Personally I have no issue just to eat them as God intended, but I do feel like I should use this as a learning experience- maybe broaden my culinary skills! The well daily sent me a canning how to just this past week.. how did they know I would need that?

(Those that know me well may just die if I actually CAN something.)

So I will keep you all posted on my 'Matering but if anyone has any good (easy) recipes send them my way!! Tonight I am thinking pizza!

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