By julie February 8, 2013.

In case you are living under a rock or another part of the country that doesn't obsess about the weather, the Boston area and surrounding states are on track to get a winter storm of epic proportions.  Yay...not really!  For some reason I thought winter was over after we had a few over 50 degree days in January, but mother nature played an evil trick on me! (Or all my years as a New Englander scarred me so much that I blocked out the fact that it's very possible to get snow in February and March) But since I can't beat the impending doom, I'm going to embrace the hype and go full force in getting prepared! Jamie and I braved Wegmans to gather our top essential items we need to get us through being stuck at home.  


Crucial to Survival

1.  This was the scene at Wegmans, not as bad as I thought it would be but I heard the grocery stores were madness after work.

2. InStyle Mag is one of my favorites.  It covers fashion, beauty with a little bit of design and celebs! I have to figure out what is going to be in this spring, while I'm stuck inside maybe I'll clean out my closet??

3. I have talked about nail art before, but I saw this mani  on a blog the other day and I'm going to try it out just in time fore Valentine's!

4. POPCORNERS! There is little to say except that if you haven't tried this yummy snack, run out quick!!

5. This should really be my number one! Apparently I wasn't the only one thinking that wine is a necessity when being snowed in.  This one is quite the bargain! I know it's a boxed a wine and they get a bad rap, but it is really good and is clutch if you have guests coming over to survive the storm together - snow party!  I highly recommend the Malbec.

6.  I have a slight obsession with greek yogurt, and the lemon Chiobani is the best!! It tastes like dessert but is good for you! Being snowed in can't be all wine and snacks...hmm well maybe it can!


blizzard 2013 essentials Wegmans to the rescue!

I'm so glad Julie invited me to tag along on this crucial expedition to Wegmans. Though I didn't have a list in mind, I made it through the mini-madness and escaped with what I hope will get me through my very first blizzard!

1. I've got priorities, y'all. Dove chocolate is all the sustenance I need.  ...No, it really isn't... But it sure makes me happy when skies are gray.

2. For proper sustenance, might I suggest pre-cut veggies? Wegmans has a display when you first walk in that is just mesmerizing. I walked away with a few packages of fresh, colorful vegetables that I plan to toss together for a quick stir-fry. They're also good for overall healthy snacking. Yum yum!

3. To preserve my iGadget's battery life, I will be taking a break from Words with Friends and applying those brain cells the old fashioned way with a couple of these puzzle books.

4. Aw, nuts! Another healthy munchie that will keep me satiated for the hours that I will be holed up at home. I think I've mentioned my obsession with buying products based on packaging. Well, I just had to try Lord Nut Levington's brand of peanuts. Such fun branding and flavors!

5. Wegmans Marathon Bread! Nancy introduced this to us a while ago and it is delicious and chockfull of nutritious goodness like oats, sunflowers seeds, carrots, bananas, flaxseed, and more. Sounds a little strange, but I assure you it's worth a try. A single slice is quite filling, but it's so good I usually have two. :)

Stay safe everyone!!

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