Back to School Supplies

By aimee August 31, 2012.

This week I happened to wander into Staples in the misdt of Back-to-School Shopping mayhem. While I was cursing my timing and waiting in a line that wrapped around the store, I was annoyed but at the same time kinda nostalgic. I remembered the thrill of getting new school supplies: that new-plastic smell of a Trapper Keeper, lined notebooks with plenty of blank ruled pages, a fresh box of crayons with nicely sharpened tips...But then I snapped out of it and remembered how lucky I am not to have to take Algebra ever again!

For those of us who no longer need a supply of No. 2 pencils, here's something fresh for Back-to-School Season:



Dalton Ghetti is a Brazillian born,  self-taught artist and carpenter by trade, living in Connecticut. He gives a whole new meaning to pencil sharpening. Postcards & Prints of these miniature sculptures are sold on his website, check it out!

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