BONJOUR! My days in Paris-2 days at Maison & Objet (part 2)

By nancy February 1, 2012.

Ok so I am so sorry- my days in Paris  (and Frankfurt) are behind and I fell off the "blog on road" bandwagon - ridiculously costly internet access fees and  an illness that knocked me on my a**  put a little hinder in my trip and my desire to take this puppy on the world tour .. bummer! So we must just pretend this is all coming to you live. I can be a good faker!

So... todays installment will be a recap of the trends as laid out at Maison & Objet.

The "trend presentation" at Maison was split into 3 installations all under the idea of


"Enough of gloom and doom in this crazy world! A pinch of folly and caustic humor can let imagination take the wheel. It's time to champion the right to a breath of mental fresh air, to have fun. To affirm the jubilant desire to detonate wan conformity. Quirky, festive creativity is turning to whimsy and humor. Insolence and irony, extravagance and outrageousness are sweeping away things we've all seen before. Now is the time for sweet delirium and highly euphoric abnormality. In the offbeat bazaar of our contemporary cabinet of curiosities, we don't take ourselves too seriously, and it feels crazily good."

 SWEET FREAKS was the first installation I came across.  A series of sectioned off rooms were all decked out in an odd ball, anything goes theme. Here spacial relationships were given a sense of excitement and craze. Mix and match of all styles from refined classic to juvenile madcap lived in a hyper harmony. A bit on the macbre side, a dash of nana chic, a dollop of urban edge and whole lot of whimsy and humor. Colors here were bold and electric against strong neutrals such as black and silver. (and note the unexpected sightings of A: animal heads, B: tapestry, C: refurb refuse) Got some good photos in this area. No one seemed to care that we were all snapping away despite the "no photos" postings.

"Eccentricity turns on the imagination. The ravings of crazy predilections work havoc on a world that teeters between the disturbed and the all too tidy. Creations boosted by a curious experiment telescoping the absurd and the refined. Juxtapositions, accumulations and diversion of dizziness impose psychotropic style. The house has been transformed into a cave of wonders."

ART'KETING: This is the second installation in the Crazy theme. I was not able to get good photos here as photos were forbidden and in this area enforced. So I will do my best to discribe what I can recall from this set. Here a series of vingettes were placed to represent each room in the house- the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom... Again here we see a mix and match of crazy color and imagery. The look here was much more tame them that in the home of the sweet freaks above. Here lives the friend who is just a bit quirky, not  a certified freak! The living room was a bit simple and mod, but stratigically placed where accessories which showed the humor and youth of the home owner- quirky pillows with (A:) animal heads!, oversized lego men lined up under the coffee table, Comic/Graphic artwork on the walls.... I could imagine a cool guy living here wo is not afraid to show his silly side! The rest of the rooms portrayed a similar scene- lots of bold color, quirky graphics, oversized prints but all in a mod setting. They even went to far as to have a (B:) tapestry patterned Vespa. It was all a bit...."Midwestern-Mod on Acid"

" In this crazy carnival where everyone wants to be different, the daily ins and outs of existance are starified. Unique pieces conjure up the boredom of banality. The set design is truly personalized decor. The unexpected is then invited into a bric-a-brac of elegance, ironic but luxurious. Anachronisms, collission of materials, a collusion of colors... The home becomes a work of art and you are the creator."

The 3rd and final installment was called DREAM BOX. This was a pretty cool display. A hallway with a series of  doors in each was a little dreamscape. Some were very simple- black room, white fluffy bed.... black room with furniture which was smashed and dismantled then reassembled in a crazy manner so it looked like you were caught in a frozen explosion (AKA very MATRIX) .. a forest room where the bed was covered with moss and a web of branches grew up all around enveloping the entire space. The best thing of all was the very last room. Here the designers played with halftones in RGB lighting. As you stood still in the room the light wuld change and as it did the images within the wallpaper changed- I tried to catch it here in these photos, it does'nt do justice to how cool it really was in the slightest, but I hope it atleast makes sense.

shown with regular white light: whole room left, closeup of wall paper right
Shot of same location in R, G and B lights

 It's not totally clear from my photos above, but as the light changed from red, to green to blue the animals on the walls also changed. Snakes turned to cheetahs, turned to birds.. it was crazy for sure! Everyone would gasp as the changes happened it was truly a wonder and a technological phenom! A DREAM if you will!

" A confused and confusing time to explore the strangeness of the imaginary worlds. Dreams and nightmares are teleported into disturbing parallel realities where our fears and desires undergo metamorphoses. Effects of illusions, disorientation, the oversized, a topsy-turvy world, distortion and other spells...a phantasmagoria amazes and captivates. The home prepares itself for the ready- to-dream."

For me the take away to the presentations was a prediction that we will see a lot of energy and excitement coming into trend. Color, scale, icons.. everything will get amped up. Live LOUD, live large and truly embrace your own personality in your  style. We live in very volatile times so it is every so important to truly LIVE and surround ourselves with the things that excite us, make us happy and keep us focused on life, that which has passed and that which is yet to be lived!

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