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By aimee June 6, 2012.

Did you LOVE the papercrafts featured in our Paris Window? Keep reading to see how you can create some beaux-arts at home

Our Floral Terrain Cushy Chair Cushion was a huge hit. The flowers used in this installation are so dainty & springy, plus they are fun to make! You can use this tutorial to make all kinds of beautiful blooms.

I spied this DIY method in a pre-cut kit a while back at Paper Source and have always wanted to try it. Here is my homemade version...







To make the seat cushion, I pinned the flowers to foamcore. I wanted the cushion to look very dense, so I used tight curls and many many flowers in all different sizes. But you can create a beautiful statement just by using a few of these pretty blooms. Attach the flowers to a stem, the wall, a giftbox, your sweater, etc. etc. They look great loose or tight, large or small, thick or thin. I used the same method to create a funky Hat Pin:

These glamorous ladies are modeling chic hats with couture decor. A post from March explains how to craft your very own dismembered heads. Click here.


J'adore our Baking Cup Bouquet! Check out our this post to learn how to create these tasty treats!


Our printed baking cups are made for so much more than baking, they make excellent flowers and delicious package toppers! Plus, if you craft with baking cups, you are less likely to overdose on cupcakes.These cutesy flowers are easy to make and calorie free ! In fact, I'm pretty sure using a glue gun even burns a few calories ;)

Happy Crafting!


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