Christmas is 2013!

By nancy July 30, 2012.

There is one very sick and twisted reality to working here ( ok a few but right now I am talking just this one) we plan for Christmas 18 months early. Before Christmas has even arrived in all it's winter fun, Team TGWC has already finalized our Christmas range for the following year. So that is where we are today. We have just finished the design selection process and will now begin figuring out all the extra bits and bobs to apply these designs to.

So I thought I would share our trend boards with you and show where all the inspiration for the designs we will feature a year from now came from....enjoy!

Winter whites with accents of aged golds and pewter... so pretty!

So rich and elegant, this story pays homage to classic eras gone by.

With a nod to the ever popular hand made movement and it's historical and ethnic influences.


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