Class of 2012

By aimee May 29, 2012.

CONGRATULATIONS to all 2012 Graduates! We know how hard you've worked to get your diploma/degree/Ph.D, etc etc. These grads deserve a nice gift, considering the amount of debt they have accrued in the pursuit of education ;) Instead of the usual cash/check/giftcard style envelope, why not get crafty and wrap up your grad's gift in a box worthy of their achievements? This is a variation on a super cute idea borrowed from Diane, who writes  In My Own Style, a blog I've been devouring lately. She makes gift boxes from Ribbon Spools, but I chose to upcycle a packing tape roll for my "Graduation Cap Gift Box"


Empty Tape Roll

Paper Board or cardboard, the thicker the better

Pretty Gift Wrap in two colors/prints

Buttons- one flat and one shank

5" ribbon

Tassel -or more ribbon


STEP 1: Create box pieces. Using sturdy board, I traced the tape roll and cut a circle the same size (for the bottom) and a square slightly larger (for the top)


STEP 2 : Choose your Wraps!  You can go with prints or solids, compliments or contrasts, or even coordinate with the school's colors. I chose Midnight Madness for the outside, since it's tonal black metallic was perfect for a graduation cap,  and Multi Flo from our French Bull Collection because I love a pop of color inside the box!

STEP 3: Cut it Out!  Make enough pieces from each wrap to cover each surface, back & front. It helps to perfectly measure the round  bottom pieces and the ones going around the tape roll, and leave some room for wrapping around on the outside top piece. Start with your outside wrap and cover all three pieces. I used spray mount for a nice seal, but tape or glue stick would work fine as well. Once the outside is done, put the inside print in place.


STEP 4: Put a Lid On It! To make a ribbon "hinge", use hot glue to adhere your ribbon vertically to the inside wall of the tape roll, and then along the underside of the top.


Make a loop at the end which can be used as a closure. Determine where the end of the loop will fall on the outside of the box, and hot glue your shank button there so that the ribbon fastens snugly around the button. I poked a hole about halfway through the tape roll to secure the shank into before gluing, but depending on the size of your button, its' not a must.

STEP 5: Bottoms Up!  Using hot glue, adhere the bottom piece. It helps to keep the box upside down and bring the bottom piece to the rest, not the other way around.


STEP 6: Embellish! Flip your "Cap" over, hot glue a tassel and flat button to the top center.I found a cute tassel that complimented the colors of Multi Flo perfectly, but you could just as easily use a matching piece of ribbon.

And the most important step, fill it with a stack of cash or a for your favorite grad. Now you have a PhD in creative wrapping. Congratulations!


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