confession: i'm a francophile

By julie January 27, 2012.

With Nancy being in Europe this week, I have decided to confess.  It all started the summer of 2010 when I went to Paris for a week with my friend Lauren.  I could go on and on about how much I love Paris and all things French but lets just talk about a particular sweet that has been having a moment in the trendiness column for a while now and I hope is here to stay.  French Macaroons!

Laduree is right up there with Disney Word when it comes to a magical place where all your dreams come true, well mine anyway! Every shop is beautifully designed, filled with macaroons, other sweet pastries and just in general looks like a place a princess would live.   The macaroons come in so many flavors and colors, that they are almost too pretty to eat (I said almost - my fave is pistachio).

This past weekend I went to visit my fellow francophile, Adrienne,  in Vermont for her birthday. (1.) To celebrate we attempted to bake macaroons with her super cute and hilarious daughter Elle.  It was our 1st try and even though they don't look as perfect they did taste pretty good! (2.) Macaroons is going to become my birthday go to for future celebrations.  I was given this beautiful box of cookies for my bday a few months ago by my friend Kristen.  They came from Cambridge, MA, so there are places to get macaroons besides France (phew!)  For our annual cookie swap my friend Lien, tackled these confections and they came out beautifully even though she didn't let us try them :( (3.) She could give Laduree a run for their money!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm heading to NYC and a Laduree just opened so I'm going to have to make a stop :)

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