Crate Creation

By aimee June 12, 2014.

crates are great All good Nomads know the importance of a wheeled crate!

Our "Wrap Crates" were the workhorses of this year's National Stationery Show. Not only do they hold 4 DOZEN JUMBO ROLLS but they were the perfect vehicle to pack & store other goods for shipping. Brilliant!

See how we made these little fellas here.


One of our other favorite features in this display is the Partridge Panache Vogue Bag. Its super fashionable purse shape made it a crowd favorite! Everyone walking by had to pick it up and see up close how darn cute it is. The oversized die cut shape is a unique addition to this holiday's collection. We also love it's little friend, Folk Ornaments Small Vogue.

bird is the word Who needs a Pear Tree when you have these haute handbags?

partridge panache vogue bag


folk ornaments small vogue

See more of our "Crafty Nomad" Collection, inspired by time honored folk traditions drenched in a bold, modern holiday color palette HERE.

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