Create your own Christmas Town display: The Finishing Touches

By aimee September 20, 2011.

Everyone loves getting sweet treats in our gourmet gift packaging...but did you know these goodie bags also make fabulous holiday decorations? Today I am going to show you how to create some cutesy Christmas ornaments to adorn your Christmas Town Window display and complete the whole ensemble!



Our Sweet Sacks and Goodie Bags make it easy to give holiday treats to all of Santa's Elves. But even elves who don't indulge in candy will still enjoy these decorations!

For our Goodie Garland, we strung raffia from the rafters and loaded it up with treat bags! Here's how:


simply fold about 1/4 of the way down and place your rope/raffia/ribbon in the fold

Fold over all the way and seal with one of the coordinating stickers provided

repeat with more sweet sacks until you get a toothache!


Are transparent so you can fill them with something fun (not perishable, remember this is for display purposes!) I used grosgrain curly ribbon because the colors match so well. Colored tissue paper works nicely too.

Using the twist-tie provided, seal the bag and attach to the rope.

Accent with a ribbon and repeat


Cupcake Boxes just happen to be the perfect size for holding ornaments! Hey, if it's not going to hold something tasty, it might as well be something shiny, right?

(I used the single cupcake size, but you could apply the same concept to the boxes which hold 4 cupcakes.)

Start by threading your ornament with cord or thin ribbon, as if you were going to hang it on the tree (which, essentially, you are!)  Tie a little knot to keep it secure.

Cut a hole in the bottom of your cupcake box (this is easiest to do before you assemble the box) and thread the cord through until your ornament fits snugly in the cupcake tray. Don't pull too tight, or you'll crush it!

Close the box and secure with tape. Now tie your cord to the tree using the branches to keep the box propped upright, or in whatever direction you like.

Looks good enough to eat!


We also decorated our tree with other gift packaging items, Gift Card Pouches, Crackers & Candy Purses, tags & cards...not to mention plenty of ribbon. As a final flourish, give the whole scene a good dusting of fake snow.

Now you have all the tools to create your own Christmas Town: Gift Wrap Wreath, Faux Door & decorations. Have fun exploring new ways to use each element on its own, or combine them all. Try different styles & sized wreaths, a whole neighborhood of doorfronts and  trees packed with packaging ornaments. Make a Christmas Town that Santa can be proud of, and most of all, ENJOY!

Please forward any photos of your projects, we'd love to add them to our "neighborhood"!



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