By aimee April 1, 2014.
Here at the Gift Wrap Company, we offer an assortment of fixtures that make it super easy to merchandise our products in stores large and small. But there are so many creative ways to display gift wrap that we just have to show you some of our favorite alternative display solutions.
Today's challenge: TABLETOP featuring BABY KEEPSAKES
Displaying on a tabletop is fast and simple, allowing easy shopping and merchandising. Our basic rules to follow when tabletopping are:
1) RAISE YOUR ASSETS. Create height- make the center of your table the highest point. Building up with props like crates, boxes or small furniture can help. We also crafted a pennant banner to draw the eye upwards. Learn how to whip one up yourself here.
2) THINK OUTSIDE THE SHELF. Consider unconventional display pieces.
We used a child size chair as a bookshelf to display photo albums. We also found a plate stand that holds record books or brag books beautifully and colorful buckets that store an assortment of gift wrap.
3) BE A CROWD PLEASER. Offer something for everyone.
Showcase an assortment of products and styles, in this case boy, girl & gender neutral designed baby keepsakes from PepperPot. A one-stop-shopping table offers everything one needs to complete their purchase- large & small size bags, printed & solid gift wraps, coordinating bows, ribbons & gift tissue.
With the basic elements featured above you can tailor a table to your specific needs.
Versatile plate stands hold anything that you can fit on a tabletop! Here they work well with record & brag books as well as gift bags.
A simple station using buckets to hold tissue, gift wrap and bows.
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