By aimee May 20, 2014.

display diy for stool

Here at the Gift Wrap Company, we offer an assortment of fixtures that make it super easy to merchandise our products in stores large and small. But there are so many creative ways to display gift wrap that we just have to show you some of our favorite alternative display solutions.
Today’s challenge: FLOOR SPACE featuring GIFT WRAP

Today we are showcasing one of my favorite projects, the DIY Wrap Stool! I love the idea of repurposing old furniture to give it new form & function. With a little creativity, this thrift store find has a new purpose in life and becomes a whimsical way to store gift wrap and finishes.



Step 1: Paint stool if desired, we love this color blue and it goes so well with many of our wraps. You may need several coats of spray paint to get proper coverage.

Step 2: Add Casters to maximize portability and coolness. We used 3 of these. Drill pilot holes first and make sure the screws you choose are not long enough to come through the other side of the stool base!

Step 3: Install hooks on the legs to hang products- Tags, Tissue, Shred, Bows, Ribbons and even Gift Bags are all great fits for this space, and offer the perfect add on to complete a purchase.

Step 4: Contain the Wrap! We used wide grosgrain ribbon and upholstery tacks to cage in the lower half of the stool so that the wrap rolls don't slip out of the bottom. We also considered using wire grid, plexiglass or wood, but couldn't resist a pop of color.

Step 4: Roll With It! You can customize this stool in so many ways to fit your needs. This piece is so versatile because of it's minimal footprint and organizing potential. Show us your ideas!

wrap stool with arrows

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