DIY Spring Floral Gift Bag Flower

By aimee January 19, 2017.

bring on spring gift bag flower

Are you counting the days until spring? (...60 days, in case you weren't!) If you are thirsting for some spring florals and some fresh air, you're not alone. We are SO over this long, cold winter and ready to see signs of spring poking through the snow. We're thrilled to be able to bring you some DIY paper gift bag flowers to tide you over until Mother Nature sends us the real thing.


gift bag flower 1

I chose Tessellation Purse Bags and Summer Colony Blooms Medium Square Bags. Two fabulous florals that are sure to beat the winter blues!

gift bag flower 2

Don't forget to RECYCLE all the discarded pieces!

gift bag flower 3

gift bag flower 4

You will string a length of fishing line through this hole to hang your flower when done.

gift bag flower 5

You can also use staples- they are stronger than tape but they will be visible in the finished product.

gift bag flower 6

I also added a tissue flower on top, a gift bow would look nice too! Hang these beauties in a window, by your desk or on the door to brighten your day. Spring will be here in no time (or in 60 days, whichever comes first!)

finished gift bag flower



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