DIY Tissue Paper Fringe Banner

By aimee April 6, 2017.


When packing a gift bag, I always like to buy a coordinating tissue paper, but once the gift is wrapped I find myself with some leftover sheets that have nowhere to go! I could always save them for next time, but let's be real here, I will most likely forget and grab another pack of tissue for the next gift. Instead of tossing them in the trash I decided to make a whimsical banner that would really bring the party! Read on to see how I created it!

Step 1

To create the banner you will need scissors, tape, string, and tissue paper. For my banner I used our Pastel Geode Printed Tissue and accented it with Pink and Gold Tissue Paper.

Step 2

Grab those scissors and cut out a bunch of rectangles, I found it was easiest to cut along the folds of the paper.

Steps 3

Once you have the rectangles, grab a thin stack and fold it in half. Cut along the outside edge to create a semi-circle.

Steps 4

Next take the top 1/4 inch and fold it down, we will use this later to create a pocket that will hold the string.

Steps 5

Cut vertically into the semi-circle to create the fringe! Leave about half of an inch open at the top.

Steps 6

Once all of the fringe is cut, it is time to string all of the pieces together! Cut a piece of string to the length of your choosing and place the string underneath the fold we created earlier.

Step 7

Tape the flap down in 3 or 4 places to keep the string secure. Repeat these last two steps until you have a banner!


Hang up your banner and get the party started! I love how the fringe banner looks frilly and fun. Get inspired and coordinate different colored tissues, or cut them into different shapes to make your own unique design! What tissue paper would you use in your banner? I think Lumiere or Dab Deluxe would be so bright and festive!

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