DIY Wrapping Paper Butterflies

By aimee March 14, 2017.

BUtterfly 1

Happy National Butterfly Day! Let your imagination flutter by creating some decorative butterfly garland. It is a great way to get ready for spring and show off the lovely assortment of gift wrap available in your shop! Read on to learn the easy step by step process in creating this fun display.

Butterfly DIY

You will need two different wrapping papers, string, a butterfly paper punch, clear drying glue and spray mount. For wrapping paper, I chose Lumiere and Papillions, their bright colors and metallic shine are a great way to grab someones attention. The Black Bakers Twine I used reminded me of the cute black dots that are drawn behind butterflies to illustrate movement.

Butterfly DIY2

After spray mounting the two gift wraps together to create a two sided design, I used the butterfly paper punch to create the butterflies. Make sure to figure out how long you want the chain to be ahead of time so that you make enough. I created a 4' chain, using about 40 butterflies.

Butterfly DIY3

Now that we have all of the butterflies made, we need to make these guys look like they are ready to fly away. Fold along the line of the body to make the wings stand up.

Butterfly DIY4

Next, attach the first butterfly onto the string. Lay one the butterfly down and put a small line of clear drying glue down the center, then quickly layer the string on top.

Butterfly DIY5

Once you attach the first butterfly, add some dimension by adhering the second butterfly on top of the first one. Repeat steps 4 and 5, spacing each pair of butterflies about 2" apart to create beautiful butterfly garland!

BUtterfly 3

BUtterflies 2

Once it's done, display the garland in a window or on a wall to get ready for spring! What wrapping paper would you display?

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