Everything's Coming Up Cupcakes!

By aimee August 25, 2011.

So I just ordered 100 cupcakes for my wedding reception...I"m so excited, I can almost taste the buttercream frosting now! I'll admit that opting for a cupcake tower in lieu of the traditional 4-tier wedding cake is a little unorthodox, but I ADORE cupcakes! Who can resist a personally sized, individually decorated tiny little cake?  Nobody in this studio, I can assure you ;)

We love enjoying an afternoon cupcake here and it's not uncommon that one of us brings in some home baked goodies to share. Okay, so maybe sometimes we take the easy road and satisfy our sweet tooth with something store bought, but nothing compares to a batch made from scratch. Especially because half the fun of  baking cupcakes at home is getting to use TGWC's printed baking cups!

But it's August here in the Boston area, and the thought of turning on the oven is enough to give me heat exhaustion. So what does one do with our adorable printed baking cups? They can't just hide in the cupboard until the first frost, they need to be seen and enjoyed! It is their sole purpose in life, after all. Well, they are in luck because I believe that there's at least a few ways to use everything (aside from its intended purpose). So...today I want to share with you a fun and easy project that will give new meaning to your baking cups' life this summer:


You will need:

at least a baker's dozen baking cups (the more the merrier)

your favorite adhesive (I prefer a LOW TEMP hot glue gun)



1) First you'll need a package of printed baking cups, I've used "Party Hats Stripe", because it's always a party when you're making cupcake flowers! Start by flattening the cups, with the printed side facing up. Save one for the base and use the rest for the petals.

2) To make the petals, fold a cup in half, then half again, this will be one petal. You may leave the edge as is or round it off with scissors.


3) Make several (4-5) petals and glue just the pointy tips to center of base. Overlapping is natural!

4) Repeat for the second layer of petals. The petals in this layer will need to be trimmed slightly so that all layers are visible.

5) Repeat as desired, saving a wee bit of room in the middle for the center petals.

6) To make the center petals, roll a regular petal into a cone, glue to base, and trim to size if desired.

7) Fluff up your flower, each petal has a few layers to it, make them work for you!

And you're finished.

I hope you enjoyed this little treat! The best part about a crafty endeavor like this is making it your own- play around with shape and size, embellishments and technique, and watch your cupcake garden grow! These baking cup blossoms can be used in a million ways...but here's a few suggestions to get you started:

  • attach a pin and wear it on your lapel
  • make several, attach stems, & fill a vase
  • use a a gift topper instead of a bow
  • fill a cupcake tray and use as a centerpiece
Any other ideas?



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