Get yourselfa some elfa®!

By nancy April 4, 2014.

We are often asked for creative ideas on how to display and store gift wrap rolls & accessories so I was so pleasantly surprised to see this email post from The Container Store today. I am a huge fan of the Elfa® system and and get a little giddy each time I open my pantry to review all those pearly white shelves perfectly sized and spaced for my collection of useless appliances that have not seen the light of day since the day I "had to have it"! I will admit however, I never even thought about Elfa for gift wrap!

A perfect holder for giftwrap and wrapping treasures!
A great idea AND a great assortment of giftwrap!

Elfa is a great retailing idea too. Turn dead wall space or backs of doors into a new retail area! Your customers will be inspired to setup shop at home too, and will,of course, want to  keep it well stocked!

Thanks Container for another bout of inspiration!

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