GETTING TO KNOW YOU: Kimberley @ Sam Flax Orlando

By aimee October 14, 2015.

Today is #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay! In honor of this special day we are starting a new series featuring stores that carry TGWC products! Today we visit Sunny Florida and our friends at Sam Flax Orlando...

Kimberley Schmoekel is one of our wonderful territory sales reps, working her gift wrap magic in the Orlando area! She recently had the pleasure of attending an event at Sam Flax Orlando. Thanks for sharing your photos Kimberley!

**If you have a store in the Florida region and would like to contact Kimberley about carrying TGWC product, you can reach her at**

sam flax1 Representing TGWC at Sam Flax Orlando: our fabulous sales rep Kimberley Schmoekel

sam flax2 Some of the cool creations Kimberley shows off in sunny FL

sam flax3 This event had some major artist participation and lots of other fun attractions!

**If your store would like to be featured on Beyond the Grommets, please comment!

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