By aimee March 11, 2012.




Animal heads have ventured out of the hunting lodge and are popping up in urban apartments, on suburban stationery and even on dinner plates (yikes).   Although this trend seems a little freaky at first, I'm cool with it as long as no animals were actually harmed. We can still embrace the  trend without resorting to violence, can we not? I love the way Rachel Denny explores the cruelty-free side of taxidermy in her "Dometsic Trophies" series, & the creative kooks at Cardboard Safari make a corrugated pachyderm that blows your mind. But it was Dwell Studio's Zebra that  inspired me to explore the faux-poacher in myself.


Okay, so I faux- poached some humans. Is that any less barbaric than taking down an elephant? I don't think so! Plus it was way easier to find a styrofoam human to use as a base ;)

This project was super easy and fun, (a little messy) but totally useful. These ladies are now going to help me organize my hair accessories. Here's a quickie tutorial for you to hunt and kill your very own animal trophy.


Styro head of your choosing, (animal or human)

Mod Podge (our current fave craft supply)


TGWC Gift wrap of course!



Tear or cut your wrap into thin strips. Irregular pieces of all sizes work best for going around curves and sharp turns. Use tiny pieces for smaller, detailed areas and longer strips for broader planes.

Working in small areas at a time, first apply a layer of podge directly to the styrofoam.

Lay paper strips over the styro and smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles with your paintbrush (or use your hands, if you dare)

Apply a topcoat of podge to seal

Repeat until covered, Allow to dry overnight before adding another protective topcoat.

Display proudly, you have conquered the beast! Grrrr, baby.


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