HOW TO Create a Gift Topper

By aimee April 17, 2014.


Here at the Gift Wrap Company, we offer a plethora of ready to use gift topping options...But if you are looking for a creative way to personalize your packages, look no further! Today's How To will show you how to create a simply show-stopping bow with ribbon!

All You Need:

Fantastic Ribbon (we used Glitzy Ziggy Grosgrain in Grape)


Double sided tape or hot glue


Step 1. Loop. Make a small circular loop for the center of the bow. Use double sided tape or hot glue to secure.

Step 2. Twist. Make two symmetrical loops from one piece of ribbon by twisting the ribbon and securing the center with double sided tape or hot glue. The circular loop from Step 1 should fit snugly inside this twist.

Step 3. Repeat this method to create a number of nesting loops, each set a little larger than the last. You will need about 7, (including the small circular loop).

Step 4. Secure all together with tape or hot glue & use to top off your totally fabulous gift!

We wrapped our gift with Metallic Kraft Wrap in Amethyst. Here are some more Ribbon and Wrap combos:

Wrap: Red Polka Dots; Ribbon: Sophisticated Spots White/Red



Wrap: Popsicle Punch; Ribbon: Crochet Crush in Creamsicle

Wrap: Persian Ornaments; Ribbon: Wide Grosgrain in Seaside

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