HOW TO: Make a No-Tie Faux Bow

By aimee July 3, 2014.

finished faux bowHere at The Gift Wrap Company, we love all kinds of bows and we're always looking for new ways to twist, tie and knot our favorite ribbons! Here is a fun and easy way to create a classy bow with grosgrain ribbon- NO tying necessary! All you need is scissors, tape and ribbon. To create this layered look, we used Wide Grosgrain in Seaside and Grosgrain in Lime.

Step 1: Wrap a box beautifully. We chose High Gloss in Green Apple to compliment the cool colored ribbons. For tips on wrapping see here. We added a base ribbon to the box, taping on the bottom.

Step 2: Cut ribbon to size : determine what size you would like your finished bow to be and cut ribbon to twice that size. ALSO cut a smaller piece for the center of the bow, doubling that as well.

step 2

step 2b determine the finished size and double it

Step 3: Tape the ends together. This will be the back side. Wrap the center piece around the middle of the bow and tape together in the back.

step 3

step 3b Please excuse my lack of a manicure! Usually I would have coordinating polish on.

Step 4: Add tails- also faux! Thread a length of ribbon through the base ribbon that is already on the box and tape down in the center as shown. Place your bow on top of this with double sided tape.

step 4

Enjoy! Your Faux Bow will look picture perfect and nobody will ever Know!

faux bows

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