How To: Make a Tissue Flower

By aimee May 8, 2014.


Tissue Flower


Crafting tissue flowers is so easy and fun! These little beauties can be used in million ways! We love to use them as gift toppers on packages, string them together as a garland and wear them as fashionable accessories. See how to craft this quick pick-me-up below:


MATERIALS: Scissors, Gift Tissue  (we used Magenta and Orange) and Raffia (we used Pumpkin)

Step 1: Layer tissue, cut into narrow strips

Step 2: Fold accordion style, pinch in the middle and notch with scissors

Step 3Cut corners to form petals: round or pointy & tie in the center

Folded Tissue Flower steps

Step 4: Separate the layers by pulling up...gently!


We never miss an opportunity to make a tissue flower! See HERE for Jamie's rendition and  HERE for Julie's to see these flowers in Real Life Gifting situations!

How will you use your blooms? Visit us at The National Stationery Show,  Booth #2920 to see how we use ours!


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