HOW TO: Make a tissue fringe backdrop

By aimee June 26, 2014.

dessert table

1 tissue assortment

STEP 1: Choose some fabulous tissue from our vast selection. We chose a pink & gold ombre for a soft romantic look, but I would love to make a bright & bold version too...2 tissue fringe cutting

STEP 2: SLICE into strips (leaving plenty of intact tissue @ top for the next step)

3 stapled

STEP 3: STAPLE onto thick foam board in layers. Start from the bottom and overlap just enough so that only the fringey part is showing.

4 tissue fringe finished

STEP 4: SET IT UP! We used this for a product photograph but in real life it would be a great backdrop at a party to use behind the the gift table, dessert table, beverage station or as a photobooth for partygoers!


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