HOW TO: Make a Tissue Tassel

By aimee May 29, 2014.

Tissue Tassels

Is there anything gift tissue can't do? It is so easy to craft with this product that we could dream up ideas all day. Read on to see how we made these totally terrific tassels.  Step 1: Layer. We used 5 sheets of gift tissue cut to the same size. Mix & match colors to your heart's content. Step 2: Fold in half Step 3: Cut thin slices along the loose edge , leaving the folded edge intact. Unfold and you will have something that looks like this: Step 3 Step 4: Roll up, keeping the tassel edges on the outside. You will now have something that looks like this: Step 4 Step 5: Fold & Twist. Fold the tissue roll in half. Then, use your finger to hold in place while you twist to secure the tassel. Use as a loop to hang . Step 5Step 5.2These tassels are funky and fun, and (our favorite feature) EASY to make! They make great gift toppers, offer hours of amusement for cats, can be added to garlands as party decor and tossed in the air for celebration! Shake 'em if you got 'em! See how we used them at The National Stationery Show!

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