HOW TO: Upholster A Cork Board

By jill August 28, 2014.

Here at the studio, we love anything that we can add a little color to! Learn how to make a boring old cork board into an eye-catching item in 7 easy steps.

Materials You Will Need: Cork Board, Fabric, Iron, Scissors and Staple Gun

Step 1. Measure your cork board and cut your fabric to those dimensions with an extra 6" on each side for margin.

Step 2. Lay the fabric upside down on your cork board surface.


Step 3. Fold up the excess fabric so that the creased edge is flush with the outer wooden frame.

Step 4. Iron the edges down to make a crisp crease in your fabric.


Step 5. Trim the excess fabric leaving about a half inch margin left.


Step 6. Flip over your fabric, trying your best to leave it folded. (The ironing creases should help you refold if something comes undone).

Step 7. Staple your fabric around the edges of your cork board, every couple inches or so. On the last edge make sure the fabric is pulled nice and taught for a smooth appearance.


Tip: For an even more decorative look, add brass tacks around the edges after you've stapled the fabric securely. This adds a fun flare to your piece!

Voila! A fabulous cork board to display your creative ideas and messages.

The Gift Wrap Company Upholstered Cork Board

Happy upholstering!

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