HOW TO: Wrap An Oddly Shaped Gift

By aimee May 1, 2014.

When it comes to wrapping oddly shaped gifts, think outside the box! Gift Tissue is our favorite fix for wrapping soft, round or otherwise uniquely shaped gift items. Today we are wrapping a Teddy Bear for our designer Jamie G and her new Baby, who's arrival we are anticiapting any minute now!

Step 1. Layer tissue. We love to mix it up with colors and prints, and The Gift Wrap Company offers so many coordinating ribbons and finishes to work with! Here we used solid tissue in chocolate, Cream And Light Pink.  See our post "How To Stuff A Bag" for more tissue tips.For ribbons, a small/medium/large assortment is always a good combo, here we used Raffia Egg in Chocolate,  Eco Chic Stripes in Cotton Candy, and Wired Brights in Light Pink.

Step 2. Place gift in the center of the assorted tissue. You'll want to have plenty of tissue on all sides. For extra large gifts, tape two or more pieces of tissue together.

Step 3. Wrap two parallel sides up around the gift, tie with large ribbon.

Step 4. Pull up on the tissue so that it isn’t bunching up anywhere. A strategically placed paper clip can hold your place until you are ready to use ribbon, just be sure to remove it carefully so as not to tear the delicate tissue.


Step 5. Tie a bow with small and medium ribbons around the large ribbon. Don’t forget

a matching enclosure card to finish off your gift!



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