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By nancy May 28, 2012.

Upon my return form NYC last week I got off the train to find my car completely dead. Luckily Aimee was still in the parking lot so I had a friend through the ordeal but of course neither of us had jumper cables... a sharpie, some scissors, an xacto blade, random beads, tape, paper clips and magazines- oh yeah we have that but unless we are lost in a poorly decorated jungle we are S-O-L! But alas we found a "nice guy in a red jeep" who  was very prepared for real emergencies and he quickly got me back up and running.  I offered him $20 for the help, but he refused and asked that I only "remember to be there to help the next person I came upon in their time of need." Super sweet huh?

As I drove home I thought  about what he said (when the battery in my car dies so does the computer system and needs to be reset so the radio did not work so all I could do was think)- it reminded me of this little trinket I found in ABC Carpet and Home last week. I though this was really cleaver and sweet and so "needed now".

Red jeep guy made me realize that we are all this little trinket bottle of compassion... we just need to open up and spread it around a little more and a little more often!

Ok that is all the mooshy-gooshy you are getting out of me! Just spread it! ;0)


Happy Memorial Day! Make sure to take a moment to remember our troops- past, present and future, and the sacrifices they made/make to keep America so Beautiful!

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