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By aimee June 8, 2012.

Did you LOVE the crafty creations we featured inside the booth this year? Read on to see how we did it!




I originally saw this idea in a Martha Stewart Wedding magazine, and although the mag has been recycled long ago, I must give credit where it is due. Martha used colored kraft lunch bags which looked adorable, but I must say that our bright printed gift bags add a certain flair.*I used sweet sacks in this tutorial, since they are smaller & easy to work with, but any gusseted bag will work.








thread rope or ribbon through all the holes & tie a loose knot, but leave some slack for when the flower "blooms"





We love Mod Podge, it just goes hand in hand with paper products. For the National Stationery Show, I used it to add some flair to otherwise plain tables. It was really simple, but required some patience. If you attempt this project, be sure you have a few days to dedicate to the task. For best results, each layer should dry overnight.


First, Select your wraps-for these I chose Whirly Bird and Alliums from TGWC's 2012 Everyday Line.

Next pretreat your table. Whether you are using a flea market find or a brand new piece, be sure to clean thoroughly then rough up the surface a little with fine sandpaper. Wipe off any dust created by sanding with a damp cloth and be sure the table to DRY thoroughly before applying Podge.

I found out (the hard there any other?)  that covering the entire surface of the table with one large piece of wrap is not the best approach. This creates a lot of air bubbles and the outcome can tend to look wrinkled, tear easily and generally give you a hard time throughout the whole process.


I realized (after table two) that cutting strips or shapes from the gift wrap and arranging them one at a time works much better. You can still cover the entire surface using this method, or you can let some of the original table peek through as we did with this Alliums Table:


Pre-cut enough pieces of gift wrap before you start with the Mod Podge. (It will be less messy this way!)

You'll want to work on small manageable areas (try something like 12" x 12") at a time and  using a large paintbrush, apply a liberal layer of Podge to the surface of the table.

Carefully lay your wrap pieces down one by one (be sure of the location, it is difficult to relocate once laid down on the podge)

And apply a thin layer over the top to seal. Be sure to smooth down all the edges so they don't curl up.

Keep moving until you have covered the whole surface (or as much as desired)

Allow to dry overnight,  and review the results- add more pieces if desired and then apply another layer of Mod Podge.

Wait another night....

And once everything is totally dry (it will still be tacky though) apply a coat of spray sealer. ( I used Valspar Clear Matte &  it worked really well)




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