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By nancy September 6, 2011.

Some of you may have seen our booth at the National Stationary  Show in May. We got so much great feedback on our display and so many asked "how did you do that" or "wish I could make that for my store" Well you can, anyone can, it just takes a little time, a little thought and a dash of creativity. Come on you got that!  And your customers will just love it I promise.

With the holidays quickly approaching we thought it would fun and hopefully helpful to put together a some ideas, tips, and how to's to help you make similar displays for in-store and shop windows.

Over the next few Tuesdays Aimee will be posting segments on how to recreate a display like our "Christmas Town" from NSS. This week, learn how to make a fun gift wrap wreath similar to the one shown below.


We hope you are inspired to create your own fabulous holiday displays. And please share your comments and pictures of your displays with us. We would love that!

Summer is unfortunately coming to a close (so sad!) but that means it's time to think festive! So check in each Tuesday for another fun installment!

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