It's official!

By nancy October 15, 2012.

Ok kids, brace yourselves...

The Christmas season has officially begun for I have just received an email from our friends over at Container Store announcing the opening of their annual Gift Wrap Wonderland!

Yup, the guns are fired and you are now to begin the holiday season!

A trip to the Gift Wrap Wonderland is a tradition! Container Store does an excellent job currating all the best in gifting and gift wrapping solutions. You will see many TGWC products on display too.. I am just sayin'!!!

Give it a sneak peek online, and be sure not to  miss the great little video they have about it too. The Wonderland opens in stores October 25 so get on over there and check it out. Stock up early, come December 24th your'll be glad you did

← as seen in Christmas Cottage magazine... OPPORTUNITY TIME! →
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