Lantern Love

By aimee June 25, 2013.

One of my favorite crafty projects that we did this year for the National Stationery Show were these hanging lanterns embellished with gift wrap.  We hung them waaay up high on our booth's giant arch, thanks to Lil George who was brave enough to get up there and help us out.  Everyone loved our festive display, and I think they would look equally great in a store window or at a backyard BBQ. Nothing says summer like a paper lantern swinging in the breeze! They are super fun and easy to make! Read on to see how....


Round paper lantern

Gift wrap circles

Hot glue gun


1) Select your gift wrap- 2 different patterns and one solid creates a nicely balanced look. I used PICNIC PLAID, FLORAL FUN, AND RED KRAFT for this example. It makes a nice, almost patriotic statement. There's still time to craft one up for your Independance Day Party!

*TIP* double-siding the wraps keeps them from curling up too much and makes them nice and sturdy. (to double-side, use spraymount to adhere two pieces back to back)

2) Cut out circles (I traced an empty ribbon spool as a template) You will need A LOT...about 75- 100 depending on the size of your lantern.

3) Glue circles to the lantern, starting at the bottom. Overlap slightly for coverage and spiral your way around the lantern until you have covered the entire surface.





Our lantern friends can now be seen in the Atlanta Showroom, where summer is in full swing!

Hope you enjoy this DIY and stay tuned for more crafty creations you can whip up with circles!

Happy Crafting, Gift Wrappers!


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