Look Who's Coming to Dinner

By aimee August 12, 2015.

TGWC harvest tablescape trinket tote Today's special? Trinket Totes!

We love bringing gift wrap out of the box and onto the dinner table! Invite gift wrap to your next dinner party with a few of these fun and easy decorating tricks.

TGWC harvest tablescape A festive tablescape is never far away when you have gift wrap handy!

We are excited to announce that Fall is right around the corner! Our favorite season brings a bountiful harvest, a return to indoor dinners, cooking & enjoying cozy nights at home. This Fall, Try using gift wrap to spice up your usual table setting routine! Here are a few tips to get your oven roasting:

GET COVERED: We love using a roll of gift wrap as a table topper. Our jumbo rolls are 30" wide so there is plenty of wrap to cover most dining tables. Use wrap instead of a regular tablecloth or layer on top as a runner.

Our Autumn Shower gift wrap sets the scene for this Fall Harvest Party (but this idea works great for any season & especially our juvenile gift wrap collection for kids parties!) The design is beautiful, and the quick & easy cleanup is priceless!

GET PERSONAL: Using gift tags and raffia we crafted a quick place card to slip around a napkin rollup. Your guests will love your thoughtful creativity!

TGWC harvest tablescape personal Dear Abby, Please come have dinner at my house tonight?

GET INFORMATIONAL: Inform your guests about buffet style options as we did here, or print a full menu for their reading pleasure. Give a thrift store photo frame a fresh coat of paint in your chosen pallette and insert a festive wrap like our Nostalgic Stripe for cohesive look without spending a lot.

TGWC harvest tablescape informational whip up some signage for those potatoes!

GET INSPIRATIONAL: Fall is a time to be thankful, grateful and reflective. But it doesn't hurt to gently remind everyone with a cute sign.

TGWC harvest tablescape inspirations And, you're welcome.

GET PHILANTHROPIC: Instead of spending money on party favors for your guests, why not donate to a local food pantry? Then place a Trinket Tote at each setting with a little note that informs your guests of the good deed. Everyone will enjoy dinner knowing that they are helping to feed the hungry.

TGWC harvest tablescape trinket tote The perfect appetizer to any meal. The gift of giving.

Happy Harvesting, Gift Wrappers!

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