Meet the Designer: Ana Davis

By jill April 19, 2016.

This week we're featuring a designer Q&A with one of our licensee partners, Ana Davis! Ana Davis is an artist whose work is classic–with a twist. Inspired by architectural details and vintage elements, her collections are sophisticated yet accessible, playful yet elegant. In addition to creating artwork that is brimming with subtle juxtapositions, Ms. Davis has written and illustrated three children's books.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 5.06.55 PM

Her collections for children showcase the same color-rich palette that is found throughout her work, with whimsical story-telling to boot. Find out more about Ana Davis at

Q: We love to see your designs on our gift wrap, what are other products that you've licensed that work well for you?

A: There have been lots! I have a line of quilt fabric with Blend Fabrics, children's books with Cottage Door Press, wall decals with Roommates and many others.

AnaDavisfor CottageDoorPress Her children’s books with Cottage Door Press

Q: Our True Blue bags are quickly becoming best sellers, what was the inspiration behind that design?

A: That is fantastic, I am so glad people like the True Blue bags! :) Whales are amazing creatures. I have always loved them, and they have become such popular icons. Perhaps we have all been thinking of them because there is more awareness about the importance of protecting our oceans. Perhaps because they really seem magical.

True Blue The True Blue Collection

Q: What do you love to do when you're not designing? Any favorite hobbies or activities?

A: I have two small boys, so they keep my husband and I pretty busy. I read with the boys a lot. In good weather, we spend time at the park and in the garden. We are starting to teach our oldest, who is six, some card games. It is fun to play with him!

Q: What is your favorite color or color palette that inspires you recently?

A: Hardest. Question. Ever. ;) Right now I have a color crush on navy blue, lilac, gold, and soft orange.

Ana's early spring Color Crush Ana's color crush!

Q: Anything new you're working on that you want our readers to know about?

A: I am always working on new fabric lines. My two most recent collections are Born Wild, a nursery collection, that I am very excited about, and Season of Love, which should be available in July. True Blue is also shipping again, too. Now it is on your gift wrap and fabric!

collab Her 3 Fabric Collections

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: I take it back. THIS is harder than the question about color! I think I like food and color about the same, now that I think of it. :) Okay, my favorite food... probably pho, the vietnamese soup that is served with lime juice, cilantro, and fresh jalapeños. My mouth is watering just to think of it. And fancy cheese. Yum. (and cookies).

Q: What is your favorite way to wrap a gift?

A: In my gift bags, of course! Seriously, for a busy mother, gift bags are a lifesaver. My sister has a cool gift wrapping trick: she takes the woven plastic that sometimes comes on wine bottles, and uses it in a bow when she wraps presents. Crafty, huh? This is especially useful if one consumes a great deal of wine.

Ana Davis products in The Gift Wrap Company booth at the National Stationery Show last year

Q: What is your spirit animal?

A: Elephants for their wisdom, Whales for their grace, dogs for their loyalty, and cats because I love to nap in a sunny spot on my couch.

Q: Anything else you really want our fans to know about you?

A: I love what I do, and I am so happy that people are responding positively to my artwork. It is a great joy to have one's work also be one's pleasure. I have my fans and colleagues to thank for making it a possibility, so, thank you! :)

Surtex booth Ana's booth at Surtex last year. Of course she had lots of her beautiful designs on display! Keep up the great work :)

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