Paper Flower Power

By aimee July 23, 2013.


One of my greatest joys in life is making paper flowers. (sad? ...but true! ) Although I know I'm not alone...Our trend hunters tell us that Paper Flower Power is everywhere, I have even seen them popping up in table decor and bridal bouquets. I love discovering new ways to craft paper blooms and here is the latest recipe!

You may have seen members of our talented sales team wearing these pretty paper posies at the National Stationery Show. They surely were the sleeper hit of the summer. And NOW you can make your own with this easy DIY tutorial!


Gift Wrap Circles



1) Cut circles (see LANTERN LOVE  post for tips on cutting circles) You will need 4-6 circles per flower.

2) Fold each circle in quarters and cut to make petals...think paper snowflakes method.

3) Shape petals, pointy or rounded...each flower is different, after all! Add leaves, if desired.

4) Fasten together with a brad.

**TIP** It may help to poke a hole through all the centers first, most brads aren's that sharp!


You can add pin backing (available at craft stores) with some hot glue and wear your flower as a brooch...


add a stem ...


Or...(our favorite!) use a a pretty gift topper!




Can you see why I love crafting paper flowers so much? The possibilities are endless! And these completely cute and customizable blossoms are way more durable (and less expensive!) than the real thing.What will you do with your newfound Flower Power? We would love to see some real world examples, so get busy!

Happy Crafting!




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