Polka Posies Are In Full Bloom!

By jill March 24, 2016.

Our Grosgrain Polka Posies are in full bloom for Spring! Offered in 4 vibrant color options, they can be used in a variety of styles: 1) as a gift topper on packages 2) pinned onto a tote or bag handle 3) as a festive lapel pin 4) even as a fashionable keepsake to do with what you choose!

The pin backer makes it more than a package embellishment, it's truly a keepsake!

Combining 2 or more Polka Posies make for a gift topper that's sure to be a focal statement, or adding themed banner tails make them the perfect fashion accessory for your next guest of honor!Want to recreate these looks you see here? Click to view our downloadable PDF to make your own! Simply trim along the guide lines and punch out the respective holes. Then use the pin back enclosure to secure the banner tails and you have a customized lapel pin ready to go!

Would you wear a polka posie at your next event? Let us know! If so, we'd love to see pictures - like me recently rocking the Aqua Polka Posie at our Everyday 2017 meeting because it complemented my outfit :) who says gift toppers can't be fashionable?!

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