By aimee February 3, 2012.

***OK, I know that the IFC series "Portlandia" is about Portland Oregon. (if you haven't seen it, check it out- Fred Armisen from SNL has a sick sense of humor) BUT this post is about Portland MAINE. ***

Instead of exchanging "material" gifts for Christmas this year (our first as a married couple) Jared & I decided to take a trip instead. My reasoning: Memories last forever, but Apple is constantly coming out with technology that makes everything you already own obsolete.

So we chose Portland, Maine, since it's fairly close by and neither of us had ever been there. It was a perfect mini-vacation! From Boston, an easy two-hour train ride on Amtrak's "Downeaster"  gets you to one of the (other) coolest cities in the Northeast.  Portland is known for its art and music scene, and especially its restaurants. We experienced it all, museums & galleries, nightlife galore and dining like royalty. It was basically a feast for the senses. The best part of our trip was the ADORABLE  Bed & Breakfast where we stayed. The Pomegranate Inn is hard to describe,  you just have to go there to get the experience. (Seriously, go there next weekend, it is fabulous.)  The historic old building is packed with original works of art, super comfortable rooms and the BEST breakfast I have ever had. The photos I took do no justice to the eclectic and quirky little B & B, but I will share them with you anyway.
















Of course we had to get a copy of  the owner's  cookbook- I don't think Jared can live knowing about candied bacon without being able to make it himself. All I can say is that the whole trip was was truly inspiring, and we will be back asap. :)

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