Product Spotlight: Tags

By aimee October 8, 2015.

Tags are a great way to add a creative touch to your gifts for any occasion!

chalk tags luggage tags add multiple tags to a single package- the more the merrier!

CHALK PAPER TAGS & twine add a crafty touch to any package

RECYCLED LUGGAGE TAGS are the perfect blank canvas for stamping, stickering and personalizing. 

LABEL & SEAL BOOKS offer dozens of options for personalizing with pizzaz.

labels & seals stickers can be used to decorate and address your packages

Be cutting edge with our DIE CUT TAGS in assorted styles.

diecut tags glitter and kraft and high gloss finishes for all!

Need impulse purchase inventory? Place some of these beauties near your register & watch your sales increase!

Try some Tags Today!

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