Real-Life Gifting : Maddie's Birthday

By jamie April 26, 2012.

It's true that the Holiday season may be the biggest gift-wrapping time of year, but I've had one busy April – birthdays, bridal showers, milestone anniversaries, oh my! I thought it may be helpful to show a couple of the gift-wrapped goodies we created starting with this super fun, oddly shaped gift for an 8-year old girl using our oh-so-cute What A Hoot wrap:

maddie's bday gift tutorial


Aimee is our resident "Paper Pizzazzer" (I just made that up, ha!) and I enlisted her expertise for sweet Maddie's crafty gift. I found this cool friendship bracelet kit, but was intimidated by it's unique shape. Aimee brainstormed a bit and came up with this truly distinctive design. Here's how it came together:

maddie's bday gift wrapping


Tissue is a great way to begin with odd-shaped gifts because it's very forgiving and adds a bit of fun flair that is distracting in the best of ways. ;) Here, we laid out two sheets of blue tissue and taped them together under the gift so that we had a big enough piece to wrap up the box. Gather at the top and secure with ribbon, then tape up the sides neatly.

maddie's bday gift wrapping


Next, I measured and cut a piece of wrap that was big enough to go around the width of the gift. Instead of cutting a straight edge off the top, we thought it would be fun to accentuate the scenery. So using an X-Acto knife, I cut around the various elements of the wrap (trees and birds) to create a dynamic edge.

maddie's bdy gift wrapping


We then folded the wrap around the tissued gift, and secured it with tape on the bottom and in the back. To finish, we tied on some ribbons – a bow of pretty pink grosgrain and a pop of purple curlys. Looks pretty good, right? :) It just needed one more thing...

maddie's bday gift tag


To add a little more personality to Maddie's present, I penned her name all pretty on the back of one of our gift tags. I think she loved the present, but she went bonkers over this tag. :)

maddie's bday gift


Here's the finished gift before we left for the party. It got a lot of ooohs and ahhhs, making this a proud representation of the fun work we do at TGWC.

We've got more Real-Life gifting ideas to share, so stay tuned!

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