Real Life Gifting: Pattern Mixing

By julie May 24, 2012.


A quick break from NY and stationery show coverage here! I know there have been other posts about this universal tissue paper flower but wanted to show you an updated twist with pattern mixing! I love pattern mixing in all forms and gift giving is no exception. It helps to stick to a similar color pallet, here B&W, and go from there.  This gift was for a bridal shower but this wrapping can be used for any occasion.   


I started with our Optic Polka tissue paper and started my flower using the accordion folding technique.  I used about 8 sheets of paper to create a full and fluffy flower


Once the tissue is all folded and secured in the middle with some wire, I began pulling the tissue layers to the center for the petals of my big bloom!


In keeping with my B&W theme, I chose our lovely Dapper Winds wrap that has awesome hints of silver peeking through.  Even though they are not the same pattern the small polka dots in the tissue compliments the flowing floral pattern in the wrap because the are all in the same B&W family.


Last step is just to secure your big bloom to the top of your gift for a truly wow factor present!! (Bonus: your flower makes a great addition to the bow & ribbon bouquet for the bride at the rehearsal).   I hope this inspires you in the gift giving department, especially as wedding season gets into full swing!




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