Real Life Gifting: Valentine's Mailer

By aimee February 16, 2017.


One of our designers recently sent a valentine to her adorable nephew, Ford. After creating a giant heart filled with cute sentiments, she realized this won't simply fit into an envelope, that's when our CELEBRATED POST MAILER ASSORTMENT swooped in to save the day!

Our sturdy mailers come in 2 fun designs appropriate for every occasion and are USPS approved. Perfect for shipping care packages to college or gifts to grandma, mailers are sure to be a hit with your customers. Anyone would be excited to see this brightly colored package in their mailbox and tear it open!

mailers 2

Julie chose the Spotted Mailer for her Valentine's Day surprise, as it is a fun and festive design for anyone of any age! After wrapping the gift up in bubble wrap for extra protection, it was on it's way to it's final destination! You can easily see that Ford was so excited to receive a surprise in the mail! A gift from his Auntie that he can hang on his wall and always remind him that he holds a special place in her heart!

For Valentine

What would you send in a mailer?

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