By aimee April 11, 2017.

wrapping the unwraped gift

Sometimes, gifts look better unwrapped. Blasphemy coming from the Gift Wrap Company Studio, I know! But before you condemn me, hear me out.  Click through to see how I deconstructed a Giant Gift Sack to wrap this awesome present.  

We were invited a Cookie Monster themed First Birthday Party, and found the perfect gift: Cookie driving a big dump truck (sold separately). I feel strongly that every one year old should have a dump truck. My son got a similar one for his first birthday and still uses it daily–more than three years later. Best gift ever. But impossible to wrap–even for us professional wrapstars. So I turned to the Giant Gift Sack, my favorite solution for the hardest to wrap gifts. By deconstructing the Giant Gift Sack, I was able to dress up the gift and make a grand entrance with a great present, while still allowing the toy to be seen and easily identified by a one year old.

wrapping the unwraped gift2

Using scissors, I cut off the bottom of the giant gift sack and sliced open one side. This gives you one long sheet of pliable printed poly that is perfect for wrapping oddly shaped gifts! I must admit, it was a stroke of genius, and I immediately thought of all the possibilities this would open up. I have never used a giant gift sack in this way before–but as they say, necessity is the mother of invention.wrapping the unwraped gift3

It was SO easy to wrap the sheet around the dump truck and tie it in a knot at the top. Tristan really enjoyed helping me... but I secretly think he was trying to UN wrap it the whole time. The whole process was faster than getting him out of those PJs and into his party clothes. wrapping the unwraped gift4

Colton had a great Cookie Monster Party!  And although he did not open presents at the party, I think I know which one will be the first to get played with at home. Happy First Birthday Buddy!


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