shout out to a cool store: happy holidays!

By julie December 22, 2011.


I am embarrassed to admit that I have been living in Coolidge Corner, Brookline, MA for about five months now and until last week have not stopped in to the Brookline Booksmith.  I was getting my holiday pedicure (silver metallic glitter) with with my roommate Liz, when we walked by and thought to do some Christmas shopping.  Not only is it an amazing bookstore, where you could spend hours and hours discovering new books, cute gifts and many many more curiosities,  but it also had a kick ass holiday wrap display!! Note above; all the packages wrapped with different polka dots designed lovingly by The Gift Wrap Company!

As I made my way through the aisles finding gifts for my dad, grandma (and lets be honest, myself ) there were a ton of bins with a wide variety of gift wrap options as well!  There was the traditional route of red and green, a more vintage feel with pink and turquoise, recycled wrap and colorful juvenile wrap as well! I get so excited to see our product out in stores, and it was especially exciting to see it displayed so wonderfully and in such an awesome store!


Looks great, right? It makes me want to get all my wrapping done, as opposed to my usual 1am wrapping session I have with my brother after Christmas Eve festivities.  If you are in the Boston/Brookline area, I highly recommend the Brookline Booksmith!

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