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By aimee March 9, 2017.

Our Jungle Jamboree Gift Bag is not only a gift bag...it's a coloring page too! Covered with playful animal outlines and printed on white kraft, this bag also includes a set of crayons. A perfect gift bag for budding artists, or anyone who loves to color!160620_Animal-Toss_0008

Kids of all ages will love to play with the bag even after the gift has been opened. I thought it would be perfect for my four year old son, Tristan. He got the chance to try it out the other night! Click through to see how it went...

Coloring 1

Tristan was thrilled to color while the rest of the family was eating dinner! His favorite part was the snail riding on the turtle's back. he said "Look at this silly guy!"

Coloring 2

Meals at our house are always a handful (or a footful as Cora demonstrates) So I was happy to have a quick and fun activity to keep Tristan busy!

Coloring 3

The activity was a little quicker than I thought, and lasted about as long as the attention span of a four year old boy. T was not really willing to fill in ALL the white space...but he was happy with the results, and ready to resume playing monster trucks and jumping on the couch.

Coloring 4

Any gift that does double duty is a plus for busy kids and busy moms. Anyone else try to color with the Jungle Jamboree Gift Gag or Wrap? We would love to see the results!

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