stairway to heavenly!

By nancy December 10, 2012.

I have a whole lot of DIY projects on my back burners. Actually I don't think there are really any front burners for me, just a lot of ideas running around my head that I am gonna do when I get some free time...Got to cut back on the HGTV!

However, today I finally accomplished one task. With a few hours, some pre-pasted wallpaper and a little bit of patience I have turned my front staircase from drab to fab. Ahh I guess this opens up a burner for another dream in progress!

I had big dreams of hand painting this staircase, but since that has been stewing for seven years now and yet to become a reality, I finally gave in and found a fun wall paper boarder from wallpops. These great boarders are easy to use and removable so there is no huge commit for phobes like me! And I can't get over what a huge difference it makes to the whole entry of my house. Now I just need to decide what color to pain that banister... Guess I just filled empty burner!

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